Data is the New Oil

Young T&T Re-discovered - Digital Habits Revealed

Customers have evolved and so have we - business leaders and marketers; with our initial drive for burgeoning ‘likes’, ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ being tempered in many cases by questions of ROI and authentic engagement with brands and businesses.

 Answers to the digital marketing questions you've always been asking.

Business leaders have indicated just what they are interested in finding out about their target audiences. In our study, you'll find answers to the following questions and more!

1) How much time is being spent online?
2) Where is time being spent online?
3) What are the patterns of social media usage?
4) What mobile devices are being used?
5) How great is the demand for mobile data?
6) What are the most popular online activities?
7) What is the appetite for e-commerce?
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CI Digital Habits and Practices 2015

Survey Says...

Facebook rules the roost, but Content is still KING!

Marketers though, should consider the findings in the section of the study dedicated to user activities on social platforms, in order to understand what kinds of content are likely to attract the most users.


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